You’re special… but nobody is that special

I had a stark realization the other day while driving. All my life I had been told by loved ones and leaders that I could accomplish anything I wanted if I worked hard enough. They gave me encouragement on why I could succeed and how much potential I had.

I always believed that. I always thought with enough belief and effort I could do anything.

I was wrong.

Now, hear me out. I’m not saying a person can’t do things if they put their heart and mind to it. There are generations of examples in sports, science, technology, and human perseverance.

What I mean is that not everyone should do anything they want.

You see, nobody is that special.

Nobody is really so amazingly skilled that anything and everything they have a whim towards should come true for them. I would even say that it is wise to learn what we should not be doing, and choose to steer clear of it.

Some people seem to have an air of pure success, seemingly capable of accomplishing anything, but even they will tell you it is all due to finding their skills and passion, then channeling their effort.

When it comes down to it, nobody is really so special they can do anything.

Pilot or Doctor?

In a recent Ziglar Show Podcast, episode #435, Zig Ziglar shares a story where a Navy aviation instructor visits a doctor and finds himself in awe that someone so young, his own age in fact, was already a successful doctor. The pilot felt somewhat disappointment in his own life when he compared it to the doctors. Shortly after the doctor expressed his amazement that this young pilot was already so skilled that he was now instructing other young pilots how to fly.


Ziglar shares that “What we admire in other people seems to be what they admire in us.”

He continues “don’t’ put yourself down when you build somebody else up. Know without the training they could not be that professional, and without training they could not do what you do.

Everyone is born with certain skills and predispositions. The respected scientist could have floundered their life away trying to be an artist. The star athlete may have been nothing more than an unknown and average software salesman.

Each person is given a life full of choices and opportunity to craft their own story. What they do with that life is up to them. Some may be are coerced more than others, but even then they can choose how to make that story read.

Choosing what your story should be is very important. Your story will likely never be like that of anyone else.

Find Your Passion

It’s my belief that far too few people are truly following the life they are passionate about.

Too many people toil away in careers where they feel constantly unfulfilled and dissatisfied. With honest and respectable reason, they allow themselves to be trapped doing something that doesn’t speak to their hearts simply because they are too afraid to leave the security of that job to chase what would actually make their lives feel worth living.

I would warn that there is a distinct difference between doing what you have to do as a man to care and provide for a family, and allowing yourself to be petrified in place because you don’t have enough belief in yourself to do anything different.

Walt Disney is credited with saying “If you can dream it you can do it.”

Do you believe that?

If you do, why are you not doing it?

It pains me to see men wasting away their lives because they won’t even allow themselves to dream. Equally, it is difficult to watch a person pursue the wrong dream simply because the allure of what it seems to represent is too much to resist.

The key I believe is to dream with the confidence of your capabilities. Then, nothing can stand in your way.

Figure out what you are really good at. Spend time identifying your talents. We were all born with unique skills and capabilities that, if nurtured, have the potential to spring up into an amazing and powerful future.

It is your job to figure out what those talents are and make the most of them.

I believe our dreams very often reflect the realities of what our spirits see within us. Explore them and let them guide you to those things you truly want to do. If you do that, you will never feel trapped, wasted, or lost again.

Motivation Because You Truly Believe

I encourage people to seek out motivational training often. I believe that continuous exposure to positivity and encouragement is essential to maintain a hopeful and believing mindset.

I do suggest however that in the effort of seeking out motivation, you do so with a sense of purpose and clarity that will allow you to actually make something of the invigorating and inspiring messages.

Trust yourself.

You know who you are. You know what makes you feel happy. You know what helps you believe in a brighter future.

Identify what those truths are for you. Seek them out in prayer, study, and practice. Then, you can have a clearer direction to apply the motivational learning to.

The big secret is… it’s been in you the whole time. You were born with it.

You don’t have to be the best this, that, or anything else. You just need to know who and what you are, and be the best at that.

To find fulfillment in this life comes down to us doing what makes us feel like we are working towards and accomplishing our purpose. What that looks like will be different for everyone. No one has the right to measure what fulfillment and purpose should be for you. No one that is besides yourself.

If you are honest with yourself, you know how to do this already, you’re possibly just scared and that has made you unwilling to start.

I’ll end with one more quote from the great Zig Ziglar. He says…

“You cannot become what you need to be by remaining what you are. If you can’t take a huge step to begin with, take as big a step as you can, but take it now. That’s the key, take it now!”

So go my friend and take it now.


Question: What is your talent? It’s unique, special, and part of what makes you who you are, so don’t shy away from it. Leave a comment below.

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