Your Hands Are Talking Too Much

Are your hands saying too much? Are they giving away all your secrets?

They may be, and you aren’t even realizing it.

For example…

Playing with your ring finger may be indicating that you’re having challenges in your relationships.

Touching your right eye may mean you’re struggling to see how a new idea applies to you.

Reaching for your shoulder may be a sign that you feel overburdened in what you’re dealing with.

How do you stop telling everyone that you lack self confidence?

How can you stop revealing you have money problems?

I’ve been fascinated with the study of body language for a long time. It’s fascinating to know what our bodies are saying. It’s even more exciting to think how we can actually influence our minds by how we control our bodies.

While there are varying beliefs of exactly what any one body movement may mean, there are consistencies that most experts agree on. Understanding this could really help you better control and manage what your body is saying to others, while also allowing you to better understand others.

I had the chance recently to train several women in aspects of body language. We discussed how they could use more control of their body language to be more successful in business.

I imagine there are a lot of other people who could benefit from this as well. I thought it would be worthwhile to share it.

Here we go!


Hands are one of the most active parts of our bodies. Hands can reveal and betray us, and they can influence and motivate us.

Your hands have the ability to accentuate your words, clarify or magnify your meaning, and illustrate your point.

Hands can also tell everyone just how weak or fearful you feel. They can show your lack of self confidence and challenges with relationships or finances.

I’ll start with your fingers.

Each finger has a meaning or part of your life its tied to. By understanding this, you can better read when there are concerns or challenges with areas in your life.

If you find yourself playing with, rubbing, squeezing, or removing the ring from your ring finger, it could be a strong indication that you are struggling in one of your relationships. It could mean you are feeling unsure of or a need to support and give attention to your lack of fulfillment and desires. The next time you are talking with someone having known marital issues, watch if they fidget with their ring.

Do you find yourself tapping or playing with your pointer finger? That could mean you are feeling a lack of confidence in your career or role. You may be struggling to feel fully secure in your self confidence and self esteem.

I sometimes find myself holding onto my middle finger, and I usually realize it’s when I’m dealing with a large project that feels overwhelming and difficult.

Careful, someone may just have an itch on their pinky, but they may also be feeling stressed about their health.

An awareness of this could really help you see into your true feelings with clarity that might help you get through a challenge faster.

It also means you can give yourself encouragement by giving attention to the finger associated with something you want to do better at.

Another way our hands can reveal us is how we use them.


Touching Your Ear

When you are listening to someone tell you something you don’t like, you may find yourself reaching to touch your ear. It’s most likely very subtle and probably looks like nothing more than brushing back your hair or scratching, but this could mean much more.

When we touch our ears it is very likely it’s because we don’t like what we are hearing. It could be that we don’t want to accept this new information and are figuratively blocking it from entering our ears.

If it’s your right ear you reach for, it’s likely that the offending information pertains to your future, something you don’t want to accept will be happening. If it’s your left ear it may very well pertain to something that has already happened and you don’t want to hear this announcement of your previous actions.

This is because our bodies are split up into a right side (creative-future) and a left side (logical-past).

See if you catch yourself doing this the next time a manager or associate is talking about something you’ve done wrong, or informing you of a new assignment or responsibility you don’t like hearing about.


Touching Your Eye

When you can’t quite see yourself doing something you’re being asked to do, you may catch yourself brushing your eye. This is symbolic of our desire to block out the image of us doing that thing. We can’t relate to this new concept and the visions of responsibility it’s bringing to our minds.

Or perhaps you don’t want to visually remember something you did wrong. The image of a previous error or mistake is uncomfortable and this emotion leads us to attempt blocking out the images of that memory from our eye, and therefore our minds eye.

Our right eye is where we would reach if we are uncomfortable or not willing to see ourselves doing something in the future. We wish to keep that image from going in our mind.

Our left eye is the one responsible for the images of what we’ve done, that we may not be comfortable with.

The next time your boss tells you about a project and describes what you will need to do, you may find your hand reach for your right eye in hopes of stopping this unwelcome and uncomfortable image from making its way into your head.


Scratching Your Head

You’ve no doubt heard the saying “That’s a head scratcher” but did you realize that it’s quite literally what we do when something feels hard to comprehend or uncomfortable to process?

New ideas can be difficult to completely understand at first, so you may feel a surprising movement of your hand to your head to brush back your hair, or rub or scratch your head. This is not a resistant, defiant movement like an eye or ear touch may be, but it means you are struggling to process the info nonetheless.

If you do this on your right side, it likely means you are struggling to visualize this new information. Your left, the data is heavy and hard to analyze. Either way, you probably need to allow the ideas to sink in a bit before going to work implementing them.


You’re Saying More Than You Know

This is just the beginning of what could be a long and detailed lesson on body language.

Knowing these things could help you find an understanding of yourself you have never known. It could be a liberating experience finally feeling a congruence between your thoughts and actions. It could also help you better understand those around you and what they may be feeling and thinking.

If this was helpful, leave a comment below. I would love to explain further how you can master your body language to control your life and help change your future.


Question: What body language have you noticed about yourself? What have you come to understand about it? Leave a comment below.

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