Why You Might Just be a Cat Person

I once posted a picture of a cat on my FB page. It raised some questions, not the least of which was “Why?”

It’s because when I mentor people, one small part of what I teach them is about what we can learn from a cat. In truth, I think we are all a little like cats.


Well, like cats, we have natural drives and tendencies that direct our actions. Anyone watching us over a period of time might develop a reasonable perception of how we will generally act in a given situation.

Think about most any cat you’ve ever seen and you will realize that although they are as independent and self concerned as anything could be, they all tend to have their favorite routines. Sleeping in a window sill, hiding under a bed, scratching the same couch corners in spite of your repeated attempts to stop them; these are all examples of their preferences in action.

What I recognized is that we are not too unlike this in our own lives. We tend to drive the same routes, sit in the same places, lay on the same side of the bed, and often eat many of the same few types of meals. We are creatures of habit. Human or cat, we often follow the same basic tendencies.

But, introduce a stimulus such as a laser into the mix…. look out.

Sometimes, in spite of all the rational thinking we can do, something comes along to distract us and throw us completely off our plan.

Another example for cats would be catnip?

It’s believed that catnip triggers a similar type of response in cats as drugs might in a human being. It leads to a euphoric feeling.

Like catnip, we occasionally find something so enticing that we’ll drop everything else to enjoy the euphoria of what we’ve discovered.

Whether its lasers or catnip, there are things in this life that can catch and divert our attention no matter how strongly our drives and tendencies might be. In spite of our best habits and plans, when we come across these kinds of distractions they very likely will surprise us and draw us in.

I’m not saying all these things are bad. I’m also not saying that we shouldn’t occasionally enjoy the relaxing change these new distractions bring. I’m just proposing that we should be aware of this fact and understand it so that when we face these derailing moments we can see them for what they are, choose to accept our reject them, then go on with our lives.

In conclusion, while you may identify more as a dog person, in my opinion we’re all a little bit like a cat.

Question: When have you noticed that you became distracted? Was it a good distraction? Leave a comment below.

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