Why I’m developing Upright Men

I want to start this blog with a post explaining why I do what I do.

What do I mean by Upright?

I’m not going to paste a dictionary definition, but I will share what Upright means to me.

  1. Upright implies that something is erect, standing straight up, tall and firm.
  2. Upright means that something is holding to a clear course or pattern with intention and purpose.
  3. Upright means honest and moral, committed to being true. (think Boy Scout Law)
  4. Upright means unshakable or capable of quickly returning to it’s original position if acted upon by an outside force.
  5. Upright means being true to yourself and those you influence and love.

To me, the effort of Developing Upright Men is about helping others find their center, and honing in on that true and clear purpose. It is a process, not a destination. It takes continual effort and perseverance. Like a mountain rising from the valley floor offers a constant point of reference and direction, an Upright Man can be counted on to stand firm in truth at all times.



Why is this important to me?

I am a broken man, and I’m constantly working on repairing myself.

I am currently 37 years old. I was married for about 14 years and have 4 amazing children from that marriage. Sadly, it ended. The woman I had committed my life to for 15 years decided she no longer wanted to be married to me. We decided to part as amicably as possible and we maintain a working relationship for the sake of our children.

I will likely make reference to my first wife throughout this blog as most of my experience being and becoming a man has been somewhat impacted by her. For reference sake, I will in the future refer to her simply as AT, as these were her initials. I will not speak poorly of AT. I cherish the good memories I have with her, and I will forever be grateful to her for helping bring my beautiful children into my life.

I have been going through a great deal of personal growth since my marriage ended. You see, the truth is that my marriage failed long before it actually ended. As is usually the case in those situations, many things lead up to the end. I would like to think I was not as responsible for the failure as her, but I honestly can’t say that. I know I didn’t do anything egregious to cause the end, but I do know many of the areas where I failed to do enough to prevent it. I have a great deal of experience to share from this, and hopefully it will benefit you.

I am constantly working to pick up the pieces of who I was, dust them off, and piece back together the best parts of me. I am intentionally trying to leave out the weak parts.


What should this mean to you?

Blanket statement… there are people right now who are hoping and praying you will be a better man. I am sure that many people reading this are great men doing wonderful things with their life, but even the best of us can always find ways to be better.

I am certain you are a better person than you probably give yourself credit for. I want you to continue in this path. Do good, be your best, stay true and upright in what you already are. But know that while you are doing this,the people that love and need you are always praying for you. They want you to be even better.

They see your goodness and potential, and they want you to continue in all the good you are doing now, but they want you to grow even stronger.

Even if you are single with no dependents or current relationships, you have someone out there who is waiting for you to arrive, and hoping you will be the man they prayed you would be. You have more than enough reason to become an Upright Man right now.

So…. let’s get started and become Upright Men together.


Question: What do you think your loved ones want most from you right now? Leave a comment below.

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