When you feel like your best is not enough

Like many people, I’ve had periods of my life where in spite of my best efforts, I just could not make ends meet. I have had to work two or three jobs at times just to stay afloat. It can feel daunting when you are trying your best and you still can’t seem to make it.

Nothing makes this time easier, but remembering a few things can help to make this or any other painful growing experience pass with less damage and more personal development.

Here are 3 things I have learned to focus on, which have always helped bring me comfort.

Pain is temporary, pride is forever

I learned this adage back in my high school football days. We reminded each other of this every time we were facing a daunting physical challenge. I have learned that this truth goes beyond our physical trials, and carries over into our emotional and even spiritual worlds.

The fact that life can be challenging is well understood. It is a hard truth. The pain that these trials can inflict upon us can feel insurmountable. If you think back however, you will realize that not only have you never died from any of your previous pains, but you very likely would struggle to remember the details of them. Even though you may carry scars from some of the worst, you are still here.

Let the pain of a present challenge encourage you on to find your relief, but don’t let it beat you.


There is something to learn from this

This is a tough one. Nobody wants to hear this when they are in the middle of a trial. It feels like a trite statement coming from someone who doesn’t really understand. In truth, while they may not understand exactly what you are experiencing, they probably do understand to an extent. That’s because we all have been through our own trials. We do all understand what that feels like, and like them, there probably is something you will learn from this time that you will one day be able to share.

One of my greatest personal defeats has been a continually compelling lesson that carries with me even today. I still feel the sting of that failure, but oddly, I think I will never regret the lesson it has taught me. Indeed, I did learn.

Your circumstances do not define you

One of the hardest things to remember when you are in the middle of a trial is that the trial does not define you. You are facing a temporary situation, and it does not change the person you are.

Yes, in truth, you will change. You probably should change in fact, because you should learn and grow from the trial. You will likely become a better person if you allow yourself to be. Nonetheless, you are still you, and while you will surely feel that people on the outside are judging your circumstances, they don’t know and don’t understand it all the way you do. Do not let the trial break you. You have the wonderful opportunity to become a stronger, more capable, and more confident person once you are through this.

Victory Race

You are strong enough

It would be easy to say that all pain is for our good, but we know some of it stings a little more than others. Regardless, you dictate the way the pain affects you. You determine the direction your trials are able to steer you. You decide who you want to be in the end. Remember, time will pass one way or another, whether you are experiencing good or bad. Take the experience and let it strengthen you, so that you will always be stronger and more capable because of it.

Question: When was there a time you felt defeated, but later realized you had grown from the trial? Leave a comment below.

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