Today is not that day….. or is it?

Driving to work today I had two thoughts. The first was… how much I really didn’t want to be doing that.

You see, even though I’m blogging, coaching, and presenting workshops, I am still not fully self-employed. I want to be, but I’m just not there yet. So, every day I drive to a job that I like, but I don’t want to be doing that forever.

To be clear, my thought this morning was not a negative “I hate my life” kind of thinking, but rather a moment of clarity that while I like the job I have, I don’t want to be working for someone else forever.

That was my second thought… I really, really want to be doing what I am passionate about, every day, for as long as possible. This blog site is one of my primary ways of working towards that end.

As some of you may notice, I have not been at this blogging thing very long. I am still in that phase of wondering if/when my voice is actually going to reach people. I know it is, but my passion is helping other people, so I want to see that I am always expanding that reach and doing so much more.

With clarity about what I don’t want to do, and surety in what I do want to do, I continue my daily efforts to ultimately accomplish my goals.

This can be tiring and feel daunting at times, so I want to share three thoughts that can help you as you are working towards your goals.

Take that first step

Guess what… you are never going to get where you want to be, if you don’t start going there. I know that the idea alone feels daunting, but if you are serious about your goals you have to start working towards them. The greatest victory is going to be that first step towards your goal, because you cannot reach it if you never start.

I have been pretty clear that you first need to know what you are passionate about, but once you know that, you cannot let anything stop you from gettin’ going.

Don’t back down

You are going to stumble, and you may even fall, but that is just evidence that you are moving. You should be taking great confidence in the fact that you are one of the few who are actually working toward your goals. Most people merely exist through life, reacting to what comes to them. You are choosing to act. You are choosing to create your own future. Take confidence in that and do not stop.

Carry On

I want to tell you a secret… You are already so much more capable than you give yourself credit for. You have so much more knowledge, experience, ability and potential than you allow yourself to realize. You may be caught up focusing on the things you still haven’t done, but don’t allow yourself to ignore all that you have done. You are so much more amazing than anyone knows… even you.

Stop doubting, but don’t stop learning. Stop worrying, but don’t stop believing. Most of all, stop STOPPING. Every step forward carries you closer to your goal, and every step is worthwhile. Carry on and allow your momentum to motivate you.

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You are good enough

You are going to face a lot of opposition as you pursue your goals. Unfortunately, the greatest opposition will come from within. You will be constantly hounded by your past, and every time you try to change or do something different, your past will try reminding you that you have never been able to do that before. Remember this secret… everything you have ever accomplished was once something you have never done.

That means that one day, this goal you have will also be something you have done, and you will never again doubt your ability to do it.

You are good enough to do what you have done, so why wouldn’t you be good enough to do what you want to still do? You can, and if you take that first step, don’t back down, and carry on, you will soon find yourself on the other side. I hope to be there to share in that joyful time with you.


Question: What is your goal? What was/should be your first step towards that goal? Leave a comment below.

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