The Hope Cookie

How a cookie can help you accomplish your goals

I’m writing this fun little post in part because of a recent challenge. I was actually dared to write about a hypothetical sandwich cookie comprised of my favorite ingredient, Hope.

Challenge accepted!

Let me illustrate what I mean…

Yes, that is a cookie… really, its a cookie!

I’m often challenged by people who doubt my belief that Hope is one of the most important aspects of accomplishing anything. They state that it’s nothing more than wishful thinking. I say it’s the key.

Although I respectfully allow them to share their feelings, I help them understand that Hope is simply my vehicle to carry me through my times of effort. When I no longer have control, I know I can do little more than send out positive thoughts. I would rather those thoughts be full of belief, desire, and hope. That’s because for me, Hope is the filling of the cookie that is sandwiched between great amounts of hard work and diligent effort.

This my friends, is my Hope Cookie, and I prefer mine Double Stuffed!

Let’s break down the layers.

Hard Work

No matter how positive I believe I can be, I know that it is worth little unless I first put things into motion. The first layer of our Hope Cookie is a base of hard work.

Something I’ve been studying recently is a concept I call “Sustained Consistency”

Sustained Consistency is simply a focused, continuous effort towards a set goal or destination.

Think of a long hike to a mountain lake. No matter how far away, or how hard the climb, with sustained and consistent steps, you will eventually get there. It does not matter if you step slowly, if you drag your feet, or even if you have to use a walking stick, continuing forward at any pace will eventually take you there.

By laying this foundational principle in your mind, you will more easily allow the required positivity that comes next the firm footing is requires for confidence to grow.

Hope Hope Hope

I need you to understand, when I speak of Hope, I’m not talking about fluff.

Even though I’m referring to Hope as the creamy filing inside our Cookie, hope is not a soft, formless substance without significance. Hope is very much the most important part of anything you do.

I mean, c’mon, you usually throw the cookies away if there’s not cream left in them. Just as a sandwich cookie without the filling is nothing more than two bland, boring cookies, your goals without Hope have little value. You’d  be working aimlessly, because your heart would not be in it, and you wouldn’t mean it.

I’ve written about Hope before, but I can really drill it all down to this; your thoughts lead to your words, your words lead to your emotions, your emotions lead to your actions, and your actions lead to your results. I choose to speak of Hope, and my Hope leads me to act with confidence and belief. I know this influences my results.

This is why I Hope.

More Hard Work

After I’ve laid the foundation of my goals through focused and sustained consistency in my efforts, and I’ve chosen to live in hope, what do I do next? Well, eventually you will need to take more action. This is where the other cookie comes into play.

In order to maintain that Hope at a high enough level to make a difference, you will need to continue putting effort towards your goal. It’s time to add to what you have been doing.

Figure out what more can be done to increase your progress. Identify areas to refine your efforts. Make certain that your hard work is truly focused and consistent.

At this point it would be easy to grow frustrated. You’re feeling tired as you’ve moved forward and further along your path. It’s intimidating because you realize you’re still not there. A weaker mind would give up and turn around, never to reach the summit. But not you!

You’ve built your Hope Cookie with a sure knowledge that your goals have purpose and value. You have confidence in your reasons why.

It’s now more important than ever that you stick with it. Continue putting one foot in front of the other. You’re getting so close!

It’s my firm belief that the ones who succeed in life… the ones we all hear stories about… are those who have continued in sustained consistency. They may have never been more capable or qualified than you, but they did it. If them… why not you?

So you persevere.

Man Hiking

You May Have to Eat a Lot of Cookies

Sometimes it takes a great deal of Hope to get you through to your goals. You may have to eat through a whole pack of cookies before your goal is obtained. It may require more hard work and more hope than you ever expected, but in the end, does it really matter?

If you accomplish all the things you desire, and you’ve done it in a way you could hold your head high and be proud of, does it really make a difference how many Hope Cookies it took to get there?

Of course not. You will look back with a sense of confidence and surety, knowing that you earned what you’ve accomplished. And that, is where the real victory comes from.

So, the next time you choose to pursue a goal, remember that you have everything it takes already inside of you to make it a reality. Grab a handful of cookies, and start Hoping.


Question: When have you accomplished something that took sustained consistency, and how did that feel? Leave a comment below.

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