Excercise: The Belief Barrier

In this exercises you are going to build a protective shield from all the negative thoughts you know will try stopping you as you pursue a goal.

Think back on your past experiences and identify all of the negative thoughts that you know regularly rain down upon you. Be honest with yourself and unbury every negative thought you have had about yourself.

You will then think about all the positive things that you know make you the amazing person you are. Think about past experiences and remember the successes you have had. You know you have accomplished some incredible things, and if you have any doubts think about the fact that you are still alive and whole making a valiant effort in your daily life. That is reason enough to take courage. These positive thoughts will become your barrier to protect you from the negative barrage you know will be coming.

Now we build our barrier.

Step 1)
Write down all the negative thoughts that you feel, hear, think, see, and even say to yourself. Write these in the space around your Belief Barrier, which is the circle surrounding our stick figure. These negatives represent the constant barrage of negativity that we all deal with every day. Think about each of these negatives, because you will realize they represent lies and deceptions. You are not these things! They do not belong inside your belief barrier.

Step 2)
Now you will begin writing down the positive, confident, reassuring aspects of your life that you thought about. These positives will make up your Belief Barrier. Write these inside the Belief Barrier circle. Remember, these are truths. You have already accomplished and experienced these positives, so you have no reason to doubt them any longer.

Step 3)
You should now begin exploring the positive things that may not be true as of yet, but which you hope to feel in the future. The Belief Barrier is not about standing alone with your existing confidence only. This is the time you should begin developing the image of who you want to be when you are at your fullest potential. Write these potential positives inside your barrier in smaller writing, or in a different color to help you identify them going forward.

Step 4)
Refine your positive beliefs and identify the strongest ones you can use to really build up your Belief Barrier. You will then write these strongest ones again between the inner and outer lines of your belief barrier. It is ok to repeat what you already wrote inside, because these are your strongest truths. These are the things that will give you the greatest confidence and protection.

Step 5)
It’s time to put this all into action. Post your Belief Barrier picture somewhere where you will see it regularly. Make several copies if you need to, in order to post it several places for your constant reminding. Take time each day, preferably multiple times each day, to stand and look at all the reasons you have to be positive and confident.

Step 6)
Now you are going to start identifying things that were once negatives on the outside, which you have overcome and defeated. You will start to see them each day. Where you once felt doubt and fear, you will begin seeing that you have conquered these fears. Now it’s time to scratch these defeated negatives off of the outside, and write them under the line your stick figure is standing on.

Like arrows that fall harmlessly at the foot of a well shielded soldier, these conquered negatives now represent all the things you have overcome, which now become part of your firm foundation to stand on as you continue facing the world. With each one, you will begin seeing your negatives diminish and the conquered and positives grow. You are doing it, and you should take more and more confidence in knowing you are more than capable of this any time you need to face a new challenge.

Step 7)
Once you feel that your picture has changed enough, it’s time to make a new version. You will find there are likely more positives inside to strengthen your barrier.

Let’s be honest though, you have probably identified some new negatives. You are not meant to go through life without opposition. In fact, without opposition, you would never progress and grow. Opposition gives you something to conquer. Look at your Belief Barrier and recognize that it is now stronger than before. You have already grown.

The Belief Barrier is a visual way for you to get your thoughts and emotions from inside, and place them in an open and honest way on your outside. Don’t be afraid to let others from your sphere of influence see your Belief Barrier. They may be surprised to learn these things about you, and if they truly love you, they will encourage your positives and help you overcome your negatives.

You are an amazing person already. This exercise helps you recognize that and take strength. With each revision you will further grow your self confidence and strengthen your efforts towards your goals.