I have been helping people overcome their limiting beliefs in their business and personal lives for over 12 years. If you are looking to take that next step to become a more Upright Man and better version of yourself, we should talk.


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There are nine ways you can borrow from my personal experience and knowledge in your journey.


1) Search my site: This site is continually growing to offer more posts, quotes, recommendations, and general teaching resources. Visit often to learn and make sure you are part of the conversation.

2) Subscribe to my updates: I will be posting at least two new blog posts per week. You can always find the latest posts here at this site, but to make sure you don’t miss them you can subscribe to receive them in your email inbox.

3) Buy one of my upcoming products: I am in the process of developing a short book as well as an online course. I will offer both here on this site very soon. Stay tuned.

5) Sign up for a Mirror Session: Think of this as a chance to sit in front of an honest and unbiased mirror that will reflect your true self. I listen as you share your thoughts, plans, goals, ideas, and story, then return a simple and direct reflection of the person I see. I then help you set a plan to bring out your truest self and magnify your strengths. This is a 50 minute, one-on-one session. Schedule Your Session.

4) Book me as a speaker: I have been presenting as a trainer or speaker for over 15 years. I have developed my own approach to teaching which offers honest and direct thoughts, combined with humor and witty insight. Schedule Speaking Engagement.

5) Schedule a Body Language Training: I have studied the science of body language for over 5 years and have developed an easy to apply training that is ideal for individuals who present, teams that sale, leaders looking to improve their management skills, or anyone looking to improve their communication aptitude. Schedule Body Language Training.

6) Schedule Sales or Business Training: Most businesses are doing things backwards. They tend to focus on treating the symptoms and never get to the root cause of their challenges. Years of experience brings knowledge of what to do and what not to do. This experience has helped me to develop my p³Clarity coaching program that continues to prove itself in helping companies refocus on what matters most and finally make real improvements. Schedule Training.

7) Schedule Group Development Training: Like businesses, most people also tend to chase after their challenges while never understanding why they have them in the first place. This training takes many of the p³Clarity concepts and makes them personal, to teach skills and mindsets to finally make lasting changes. Schedule Training.

8) Join my Group Coaching & Mentoring: I offer small group coaching and mentoring. These groups form a nucleus of a learning family where you will find strength and encouragement to progress in your personal journey. I host these groups locally, however, I will arrange to travel for this if there is a group willing to commit to a consistent schedule. Watch for the start of the next group session.

9) Hire me as a personal coach & mentor: The greatest growth will happen when I work with you one-on-one to help you unlock the powerful person within. I challenge you to be your best, and will push you well past your comfort zone. In the end you will find that you are more and more like the person you have always believed or dreamed you could be. Because of the commitment this requires on both sides, I am very selective who I agree to work with. Schedule First Visit.


If you have other ideas of how I might best help you, feel free to e-mail me.