Everyone Loses, Especially Winners

Like many I watched the Super Bowl this past weekend. It’s always been an enjoyable time for my family, watching the pinnacle of a tough fought season. It’s hard to not have great respect for the accomplishment. As the game evolved, I sat in awe watching the momentum shifting, as Atlanta failed to maintain their […]

Failing Towards Success

I once knew a very successful business leader who would often say “Fail Fast!” I had another friend who would regularly teach others to “Fail Forward!” More recently I came across a quote that said “If you want to speed up your success, double your rate of failures.” What is it about failure that is […]

Closed Minded… You’re Missing Something

The valuable lesson I learned from my toddler

Several weeks ago I had a thought which I quickly scribbled down on a sticky note and stuck on my desk. I had a feeling this was a thought I needed to hold on to. After finally coming to understand what this thought truly meant, I decided it would be wise of me to share […]

The Hope Cookie

How a cookie can help you accomplish your goals

I’m writing this fun little post in part because of a recent challenge. I was actually dared to write about a hypothetical sandwich cookie comprised of my favorite ingredient, Hope. Challenge accepted! Let me illustrate what I mean… Yes, that is a cookie… really, its a cookie! I’m often challenged by people who doubt my […]