Exercise: Mirror, Mirror

I call this exercise Mirror, Mirror.

It’s quite simple really. Take a notepad and pen, and stand in front of a mirror. Make sure you’re comfortable because you’r going to be there for a little bit.

Now, look into your eyes. Don’t rush anything, just open up to yourself and look deeply.

You’re not looking for anything specific, but if you give it enough time, you will begin to see many things.

Let your thoughts open up and come freely. Let yourself feel whatever feelings come to you.

After a while, after you have let your thoughts tell you who you are looking at, begin thinking about the questions you have always had for yourself, but never took the time to stop and ask.

Think about all the thoughts you hide away. Think about all the feelings you bury and never let yourself feel.

As you receive impressions, feel free to look away from the mirror to write down your thoughts. Return to the mirror as soon as you can however because you are going to find there is a lot more in there.

The most important thing is that you let yourself be open and honest. This is about finding clarity and truth.

If you have questions, ask them to yourself. Let your heart answer.

This exercise is all about discovering yourself.

We tend to never give ourselves enough time. We fill our heads with the thoughts from everyone else, but rarely do we make time for our own.

Trust yourself, and allow you to become your greatest teacher.

When you feel that you have opened up and learned all you need to at that time, end your mirror exercise and take a few minutes to re-read your notes. Add any other notes or impressions that come to you after you step away.

Feel free to return to your notes as often as you need to find deeper understanding of them.

Use this exercise whenever you feel disconnected or confused, and you will find your clarity begin to reveal itself.