Have You Heard of David and Goliath?

How to Manage Your Big Things and Little Things

Remember that time I got a root canal? So… in the aftermath of numb face and throbbing pain, I added to the fun by inadvertently biting into my lip. It is still sore and puffy two days later.

As I‘ve been dealing with the nuisance of my sore lip the past two days, I’ve been thinking a lot about how little things can become much bigger things before we realize it.

Size Does Not Matter

Let’s get this out on the table right up front. Size… Does Not… Matter!

What do I mean? Even the smallest thing can cause large amounts of discomfort and problems. Think of a small pebble that gets into your shoe, or a small crack in your windshield that soon spreads. Little problems can easily become much, much bigger if neglected.

On the other hand, even the smallest bit of hope or goodness can grow and spread until it overcomes the fear and bad. The small prayer of hope can lead to a large belief in what seems impossible. Furthermore, it is sometimes those smallest in appearance or influence who end up making the greatest impact on their surroundings, think Mother Theresa, Harry Potter, or that guy who threw the starfish back into the ocean.

Little things can become big things, because even when they are little they carry the potential of having a huge impact.

As I said… size does not matter


Except When it Does

OK, there may be occasions when size does play into things. Think about how long it takes to turn a large ship. When something becomes too big it certainly does matter. A large ship displaces a lot of water, takes up a lot of space, and requires much more energy, time, and effort to change or influence.

If you let something like a bad habit or personal weakness become too much a part of you, it will be difficult when you figuratively want to cut that part out of you when you. And like a train laden with a capacity load, it will take a long time to slow down and stop the forward momentum.

Comparatively, when there is a wave of positive influence spreading, it tends to carry over well beyond its immediate surroundings. You can look at the period of brotherly love that emerged from the rubble of 9-11, or the comically viral Ice Bucket Challenge (which believe it or not, was started to raise awareness and funds for the ALS Association).

It would be wise to recognize the little things, both positive and negative, and take the proper actions now to understand and influence what they will become when they grow up.

By the Power of Grayskull…. I Have the Power!!!

I have been waiting to use that for a while now… so glad I did!

The most important thing I want to impress upon whoever reads this is the fact that you have the power to choose, good or bad, positive or negative. You may not choose everything that happens to you, in fact, sometimes you are at the mercy of the moment, but you get to choose how you respond and react to it.

As you watch for them, you will discover the little things in your life that should be addressed. You may not think they are that big of a deal, but upon reflection you can probably recall other times you neglected small things that later turned out to become quite large. You should be watching out for those things that need your help to grow and develop into big, powerful positives, and you should pay attention for those things that, left unattended, could eventually dominate your life negatively.

I believe in the power to become who and what we want. You can control this, but it will take effort and attention.

Size matters… except when it doesn’t… but you have the power to influence all that comes into your life. Prepare now so you can do it with confidence and surety.


Question: What is one example of something you neglected because you thought it was small, but it later became a much bigger deal? Leave a comment below.

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