Do Hard Things

Many years ago I learned the value of doing hard things. When you do hard things, you will almost always grow. There is no other way to grow than through resistance. Hard things give you that resistance.

In today’s video I share about my experience with starting CrossFit. This is an intense workout that pushes a person both physically and mentally. I chose to start this as part of a focused program to kick start a serious effort to regain my health and fitness.

You don’t have to do CrossFit to make that difference though. Doing anything more than you’re currently doing is going to make a difference. It is going to stretch you and help you grow.

When I was younger I would seek out challenges that, while also fun, served the purpose of making me work hard for something. I would decide to buildĀ  something like a bike ramp or hand crafted boomerang (it was awesome!), or I would push myself to spend a summer selling stationary and wrapping paper to earn prizes, rather than just waste my days away playing with friends.

The point is, doing hard things became familiar to me, something I was comfortable with. Not that it ever became easy, but mentally I became stronger so that I could do more with my life.

If you want to accomplish something abnormal, something beyond your current situation, you will need to get out of your comfort zone and do things that are challenging.

In today’s video I reference a podcast where Seth Godin says that for his legacy, he wanted to be measured by what the people who learn from him teach other people.

I hope I can have some similar impact on the future, but it will only happen if I keep putting myself out there, doing the hard thing of posting daily, and trying to inspire others to be better. My purpose with this blog is to develop upright men. If I am able to, they will in turn develop upright families, which will influence an entire future.

Do hard things my friends, for it is the only way to truly become the person you are capable of becoming.


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