Circles and Stick Figures

This post is going to be more like a mini-lesson than a blog post. I hope you enjoy it.

This past weekend I had the chance to attend a seminar in an effort to become a better mentor. I learned a lot, I was reminded of a lot, and I feel I grew a lot.

One of my biggest takeaways had to do with circles and stick figures.

Let me explain.

Over the past several years I have developed my p³Clarity coaching system. I started working with businesses, but soon found the concepts applied to everyone.

To illustrate my system I have often used a few diagrams with circles and stick figures.

The foundation of this system is my belief that too many people look at life backwards. We tend to believe that if we are unhappy, we need to change our surroundings. People will change jobs, homes, vehicles, and any other aspect of their environment. They simply want to feel good.

When that doesn’t work, they will look a little closer at their world, and consider changing friends, associates, and even life partners. they are still looking outward for answers.

Sadly, they never quite seem to get to the point of changing what’s inside of them until everything else has fallen apart.

I’ve found time and time again that this is not correct. It’s backwards.

Here is how it should be.

In my p³ system, I identify these circles as 1) Passion, 2) People, and 3) Process

You can give whatever name you want to them, as long as you start at the correct place.

When we start by focusing on what’s going on inside, we actually create a radiating change that will push further and further out into our surroundings and eventually our overall environment.

So, what do you need to do?

Thoughts, Words, Feelings

Let me share another stick figure.

This is you. You have a mind, made up of both a Conscious and a Subconscious part. You have eyes that see, you have a mouth that speaks, and you have a heart that feels.

Now, remember our first stick figure?

If you want to effect a change in your life, you need to start in circle 1. That lies within you. To do this, it requires taking control and better managing three key things; the Images you give creation to in your mind, the Language and dialogue you use both internally and externally, and the Emotions you give power to in your heart.

  1. Images (Thoughts)
  2. Language (Words)
  3. Emotions (Feelings)

If you can learn to master these three things, you will begin controlling what emanates from circle 1. You will directly impact your experience of life.

So our stick man should look like this

If a person works on choosing these three things, they will be taking control of what happens within their #1 circle. They will see changes in their life.

Is it easy? No.

The reason is that it takes sustained effort to really gain control over these things.

The longer we consciously choose to manage our thoughts, the stronger they become. This allows them to begin sinking in from our conscious mind, and eventually into our subconscious. That is when things really begin to take off.

How to Apply it

So I’ve shared what you need to do, now let me share a few techniques on how to do it.

Here are three exercises you can use to help you regain clarity in your Thoughts, Words, and Feelings.

Belief Barrier

Stepping Forward

Mirror, Mirror

What to do Next

So you have better understanding, and you have tools to help you improve, so now what do you do?

That part is the easiest to explain. Just do it!

Start every day with the right thoughts, words, and feelings. Choose what you want your day to be like. Own it and manage it, don’t let your day own and manage you.

With practice, you will begin finding it is not all that hard to create new habits of being positive.

You have so much more control over what you experience in life than you realize. Now go live the life you want!


Question: When have you chosen your thoughts, words, and feelings, and what was that experience like? Leave a comment below.

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