P1 – Passion

Your Passion is your WHY. My p3Clarity system starts with Passion. Without clarity in your Passion (the WHY behind you starting in your efforts in the first place) you will never have full power in your actions. Before changing HOW you are doing things (your Process) always make sure you are in line with your […]

p3Clarity Intro

Today I am introducing the basics of my p3Clarity system. I believe that if a person or business focuses on 1st) Passion, 2nd) People, and 3rd) Process they will have more success overcoming challenges and progressing. Next week I’ll go into each of these further. To prepare, think about what you know deep down is […]

I absolutely want you to do hard things, but I also want to make sure you do them right.

Don’t just give a half-hearted effort, give you very best to anything you do. In the end, you will be able to walk away with pride.

Failing, Losing, Winning and More

I’ve realized I have been writing a lot lately around the topic of losing and failing. I decided I better figure out why this topic has been on my mind. If you’ve read any of my last few posts such as Failing Towards Success, Everyone Loses, Especially Winners, or Winning With Chocolate then you know […]

The 100 Project

Intentionally developing relationships with people in my life

I had an idea. What if I could improve my relationships with several people in my life over the course of a set period of time, by being intentional about my interactions with them? Would it make their life better? Would it improve mine? Would I be able to actually make a difference? What would […]

Your Hands Are Talking Too Much

Are your hands saying too much? Are they giving away all your secrets? They may be, and you aren’t even realizing it. For example… Playing with your ring finger may be indicating that you’re having challenges in your relationships. Touching your right eye may mean you’re struggling to see how a new idea applies to […]

You’re special… but nobody is that special

I had a stark realization the other day while driving. All my life I had been told by loved ones and leaders that I could accomplish anything I wanted if I worked hard enough. They gave me encouragement on why I could succeed and how much potential I had. I always believed that. I always […]