Once you have Clarity in your Passion (P1) and then People (P2), you will find it very natural to determine the correct Processes (P3).

If something doesn’t make sense or align with your passion, it should not be part of your processes. It’s really that simple.

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P1 – Passion part II

Continuing my thoughts from yesterday, when you have clarity in your Passion, you can make smart decisions about what should and should not be part of your life. Clarity in these things will allow you to properly make decisions when it comes to P2 – People, and P3 – Process. Once again, this is why […]

P1 – Passion

Your Passion is your WHY. My p3Clarity system starts with Passion. Without clarity in your Passion (the WHY behind you starting in your efforts in the first place) you will never have full power in your actions. Before changing HOW you are doing things (your Process) always make sure you are in line with your […]

When you React, you are giving power to the stimulus.

When you Respond, you are managing the stimulus and retaining the power.

This distinction is important and has impact on every aspect of your life.

p3Clarity Intro

Today I am introducing the basics of my p3Clarity system. I believe that if a person or business focuses on 1st) Passion, 2nd) People, and 3rd) Process they will have more success overcoming challenges and progressing. Next week I’ll go into each of these further. To prepare, think about what you know deep down is […]

It is our hope that motivates us onward, regardless of where we are and what we are facing. Find you hope and focus on it to propel you forward.

Only by taking the necessary breaks to rest and recover physically, mentally, and emotionally will you ever be able to reach your full potential.

When life gets hard you need to have several strong reasons WHY to motivate you and help you through the challenges.

Take a few minutes to create a list of your reasons WHY. Think of your family, your goals, your life’s purpose.

With enough motivating reasons WHY, you can push through any trial and overcome any obstacle.