Problem vs Challenge

The real meaning behind your words

“I have a problem!” You hear iterations of this statement all the time. Everyone has a problem. But do they really? You can look up various definitions of the word Problem, but they all indicate that a problem is something that is difficult to deal with, or a source of trouble. They all paint a […]

Negativity: That Choking, Suffocating Flame

Every day we face an overwhelming opponent. It has more strength than we can comprehend because it is continually fed by the world, and by us. It has a tendency to slip into the quietest moment and leave behind its lingering trace. Even in its smallest form, it is more potent than the moment realizes. […]

If you think it, say it!

Why waiting for the right moment is missing the moment altogether.

I remember being taught to hold my breath or count to 10 before saying anything I would regret. I’ve had to use this technique on occasion. It’s wise council. But what about when you feel like saying something nice? How often do we withhold compliments or expressions of appreciation and love? Why? I had this […]

Power and Words, or Powerful Words?

What really makes a man?

I recently added a “Quote of the Day” app to my phone, hoping to find some additional inspiration. Most days the quote is at the very least thought provoking, but some days have been more inspiring than others. This quote from today surprised me. “You can get a lot more done with a kind word […]

Why I’m developing Upright Men

I want to start this blog with a post explaining why I do what I do. What do I mean by Upright? I’m not going to paste a dictionary definition, but I will share what Upright means to me. Upright implies that something is erect, standing straight up, tall and firm. Upright means that something […]