How many times have you been frustrated because of unmet expectations? This is why expectations are not fair or good.

If you have expectations of someone, they should be communicated and discussed, therefore changing those expectations to an agreement which is now a fair and positive transaction.

This is the only way you should live your personal and professional life.

I think sometimes we feel we need permission to relax, appreciate life, and have fun. Your wish is granted! Go out and enjoy your life today. Be grateful for all you have. You are allowed to be happy.

Remember that nobody has a life that is perfect. Also, nobody has a life that is all bad. We’re supposed to experience both good and bad, but what we focus on will determine what we get more of.

If you want more good, more positive, more happy, then focus on being more good, positive, and happy. That’s how it works. It’s a true and eternal principal. Manage it, and choose to be happy.

I had the chance to meet someone today for whom I played a teeny, tiny part in helping find a new job. He’s happy, and it made me so happy. Get out of your own head and find others to serve. You never know where it will lead.

It’s so cool when you can help people without even knowing it. It is energizing. It’s inspiring. It makes you want to do even more. Start today, and make a difference in another person’s life!

Personal Branding is about making sure your image is clear to those you come across personally and professionally. Make it intentional so that you can control the message they receive.

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